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I have been an NZ qualified motorcycle coach and licence assessor for five years. After three successful years with NZ's largest training provider I started Ride Cloud 9 Motorcycle Training and Licencing at the beginning of 2022 offering learner, restricted, and full class 6 road licence assessment and premium coaching. An experienced RideForever coach I have also attended numerous track days and completed California Superbike School NZ levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 at Hampton Downs. As part of our company's 2023 business plan I am looking to widen our product/service mix by offering our existing and new clients track training days at Hampton Downs with a strong focus on delivering a first class learning experience, 100% client satisfaction and delight. Given the ideal location of our business on Auckland's populous North Shore I believe this initial pilot track training day will draw strong interest and provide a great way in which to build momentum, and enable us to offer track training days on a regular basis; and lastly generate strong continued interest among new track day riders to Hampton Downs.

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Ride Cloud 9 - Track Day Dates 2024