No financial risk and no initial investment

Starts with our "pay per booking" business model
Payment per booking
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  • Unlimited bookable events
  • Booking of track events
  • Handling cancellations
  • Payment fees included
  • Affiliate Cross-Selling
  • Customized Email Templates
  • Self hosted database
  • Customer & Event Analysis
Annual license

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  • All standard services
  • Customizable business logic
  • Various user roles
  • Customized Email Templates
  • Integrated invoicing
  • API Interface
  • Self hosted database
  • Customer & Event Analysis

Our online sales partners

All your events on Circuit Booking are automatically bookable also through the following partner channels

Secure online payment via Stripe

Stripe is one of the world's leading technology payment companies, enabling regulated marketplace payments and fraud prevention. We use Stripe Connect, a solution that transfers payments from customers directly to organizer accounts without us even having access to the full funds. This payment process is in compliance with PCI and PSD2/SCA payment regulations.

  • Direct transfer of funds to your account
  • Payment by credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.
  • Payments in different currencies
  • PCI & PSD2/SCA compliant payment process

We are a pure tech platform

No competing track day organizer
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No track day organizer

We are not an organizer of track days or on-track-experience,s who will steal your customers away from you in order to start his own business. We are IT people - not event people!

Technology-driven mindset

Our goal is to digitize operations, sales and service at every stage. Join us to benefit from our customer-centric and data-driven approach to digitizing the track-day industry.

Digital sales channel

We see ourselves as a tech provider that enables additional sales channels. Our goal is not to simply bring your existing customers to our platform. Our goal is to bring new customers!