We offer circuits and track day organizers an easy way to offset the carbon footprint of on-track activities

How to compensate

We automatically calculate the expected CO2 emissions of a customer's track day participation or an entire on-track event during the booking process. 

Depending on the vehicle type and model, type of fuel, duration of the track day, expected distance to be driven and other parameters. 

Our booking software calculates the amount that would have to be raised to compensate the carbon footprint via so-called offset projects, such as reforestation plants, wind farms or photovoltaic parks.

Automatic calculation of carbon footprint

The CO2 emission of a track day participant is calculated based on the vehicle type and model, type of fuel, track day duration and driven distance.

Purchase of CO2 certificates during booking process

The average carbon offset compensation for a two-day track day with a high-performance road-legal gasoline engine only costs between $5 - 20.

Match of compensation project with circuit location

We match the circuit’s location with the address of available offset projects to ideally offset the CO2 emission where it has been created.

Cloverly – our carbon offset partner

Cloverly’s services: Matching of our offsets, verifying carbon offset projects, transaction transparency, issuing of certificates
Our motivation to enable carbon-neutral on-track events

Racing circuits such as the Nürburgring are often embedded in fascinating natural landscapes. And that is precisely what makes these tracks so appealing. We see it as part of our responsibility to actively contribute to climate protection and the preservation of our environment. As long as most of the vehicles used at trackdays are powerful internal combustion engines, CO2 emissions can and should be compensated for through appropriate programs. And this is exactly the service we are now offering our trackday marketplace end customers - simple, voluntary and directly integrated into the booking process. 

We all cannot yet prevent climate-relevant emissions everywhere, but we can help to ensure that nitrogen oxides are either bound by various measures or do not occur elsewhere in the first place. It is important to us to make this decision as easy as possible for our customers. That's why we have created an interface on our website to the Cloverly offset platform, which we then use to select the appropriate offset project tailored to the customer's needs. It is important that the CO2 emissions are offset as close as possible to the race track where they were produced. In this way, we not only ensure a healthier climate in the long term, but also keep the environment around the world's most fascinating race tracks intact.

Register an offset project at your track

Compensate the carbon offset directly where it has been created

You have your own windmill, photovoltaic panels on the roof of your buildings or a reforestation project nearby the circuit? Simply contact us to register your offset project and benefit from our clients' compensation during their track day booking process.

  • Request a registration form
  • Return the signed registration
  • Match your circuit and offset project
  • Benefit from clients' carbon offsets
  • Receive payouts via Cloverly
  • Carbon offset linked to your circuit
Register an offset project at your track

Start registering your Carbon Offset Project