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P ZERO™ Tyres for Prestige and Sport Premium car models

From the experience with the world’s prestige carmakers, Pirelli has created the P Zero R, performing in sport driving and efficient for everyday use

Makes its debut at the Festival of Speed also the new Pirelli P Zero R: the new road tyre for sports cars, from GT models to supercars. With more performance than the P Zero as well as more versatility than the semi-slick P Zero Trofeo RS, this latest product puts Pirelli's experience with the world's prestige carmakers to good use, responding to the needs of the most powerful cars on the market while also coping with the demands of everyday road use.

This sporting performance is even easier to access now, thanks to a wider usage window with reduced road noise that offers greater comfort, as well as contained rolling resistance and improved grip delivery, which all adds up to increased efficiency on the track as well as on the road.

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From the experience of over a century in motor sport, Pirelli has created the P Zero Trofeo RS for road-going hyper cars that aim for maximum performance between the curbs. Always safe

For Pirelli, the track has always been the ideal habitat for testing and developing products, also intended for the road, in extreme conditions. The latest born under the banner of "From Race to Road" is the new semi-slick P Zero Trofeo RS, the sportiest tire in the road range. Developed for the original equipment of supercars and hypercars, it offers performance between curbs and safety on the road. The first car manufacturer to request a specific version of the new tyre was Pagani Automobili for the Utopia, the new hypercar from the Modena workshop.

The new Pirelli P Zero Trofeo RS is already available for cars that adopt it as original equipment.

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