"The PFF cooperation allows us the direct exchange with a very track day affine community"


Sebastian Herke

Managing Director Circuit Booking

Benefits for the PFF Community & Members

We want to actively communicate with the PFF track day community
Our team
Direct bookability of track days

Track days are listed directly in the PFF Forum and can be booked there with just a few clicks. This way we offer the community a short booking route.

Active product development

We are always happy to receive feedback on the further development of our platform and would like to actively involve the PFF community in the development of new features.

Coupon campaigns

We offer PFF members the opportunity to redeem discount codes via the booking section in the PFF Forum or to win vouchers in community competitions.

Facts about the Porsche Drivers Forum PFF.de

Largest German-speaking Porsche community

Over 80,000 members with 240,000 users (members and guests) - this means that approx. 60% of Porsche drivers in Germany are in the PFF

High membership activity

Every day about 400 new members register and about 700 posts are written.

Advantages for members & partners

PFF members benefit from a variety of advantages that PFF partners offer within the community. Conversely, partners benefit from the direct feedback of users from the community.

The PFF Forum

You are a Porsche driver but not yet a PFF member? Then here is your direct way to the Porsche Fan Forum PFF.de
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