Balaton Park Circuit is meticulously planned and constructed to adhere to the highest safety standards and regulations. It is equipped with state-of-the-art safety features such as 'Tecpro' barriers and the latest technology from 'MyLaps,' which includes GPS, LED Panels, and advanced timing systems. The track meets FIA Grade 1 standards, and although initially applying for a Grade 2 license, it will host both regional and international race events.

Located in one of Hungary's most sought-after vacation destinations, Balaton Park Circuit attracts visitors from around the globe. This vast freshwater lake offers a wide range of activities suitable for tourists of all ages. Just 25 minutes away from the circuit lies Balatonfüred, a charming tourist town renowned for its picturesque promenade, parks, rejuvenating spas, and thermal springs.

Given the region's rich winemaking heritage, visitors can also indulge in exploring the numerous vineyards and wineries. These establishments offer delightful wine tastings, immersive tours, and captivating wine-related events.

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