The Circuit de Charade, a natural circuit cutting through impressive volcano terrain near Clermont-Ferrand, was during its early years viewed as the French equivalent of the Nordschleife. With elevation changes of up to 150 meters and a narrow, circuitous layout, this racetrack was viewed as not only highly challenging during its sixties heyday, but also as rather dangerous. A handful of Formula 1 races were staged here, with Jim Clark winning the 1965 inaugural event.

The layout was recently changed in order to increase safety; simultaneously the circuit's technical and media facilities were upgraded. However, the shortened layout is still integrated into area surrounding the dormant Puy de Dôme, and as such the Circuit de Charade remains one of the sport's last truly natural circuits. Following the construction of an off-road circuit, use of the plural term 'Circuits de Charade' has become customary.

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Length: 3975 (m)