GotlandRing, the world's first sustainable race and test circuit, has already established itself as an interesting and challenging driving environment. Now, the new Southern Loop, in combination with the Northern Loop, a thrilling 7.4 km configuration, enables a new level of excitement.

The Southern Loop design is an exhilarating blend of new and old. It has the flow and speed of the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife, but the modern safety of a Grand Prix circuit.

Elevation changes are constant. Every topographic change has been utilised while designing this track in an enabling environment, a former quarry. Aero-corners, blind crests, amazing views, a slingshot carousel, several high speed sectors, rhythmic flows, and pure driving pleasure are just some attributes of this splendid track profile. That is so much more than modern circuits typically have to offer today.

On GotlandRing, with its combination of the technical Northern Loop and the fast-flowing Southern Loop, one can find true perfection. Appreciation for this unique track design and driving ambiance can be found among top-level racing drivers, avid track-day enthusiasts, and connoisseurs alike.

Accept the challenge. Visit GotlandRing, the world’s longest modern standard circuit. We guarantee your satisfaction.