Circuit Booking and FIA cooperate on track day marketing

Dec 16

Circuit Booking and FIA cooperate on track day marketing

Circuit Booking, the digital B2C marketplace for exclusive track day bookings, and the FIA have teamed up for a strategic partnership. Circuit Booking is now cooperating with the FIA and integrating the Trackday Marketplace offers into the FIA Webstore. A cooperation with safety-relevant added value for all sides.

From now on, all offers of the Trackday Marketplace of Circuit Booking can also be found on the pages of the FIA-Webstore and can be booked directly there - In return, all safety-related products from the FIA Webstore, such as helmets, racing gloves, racing suits or fireproof underwear, will also be marketed to end customers on the Trackday Marketplace.

"We have been in regular exchange with the FIA for several years about new approaches to increase the safety of track days, so the cooperation in the marketing of track days and accessories or apparel is the next logical step for us," says Circuit Booking co-founder and shareholder Sebastian Herke. "With this cooperation, we are expanding the reach for track day organizers by an important and particularly effective sales channel."

As part of the cooperation, the topic of safety in particular is to be further promoted - for example through the communication of the FIA Circuit Grades for end customers or track day participants. The goal is to actively accompany the topic of safety throughout all phases of a track day or test day and to constantly raise the participants' awareness. In the course of the cooperation with the FIA, Circuit Booking is planning, among other things, better transparency about the track day pre-experience of the participants and new evaluation options for organizers and participants.

The cooperation offers valuable synergies on both sides: "For many years, we have appreciated the high motorsport and digital expertise of the Circuit Booking team and, above all, the great personal commitment of the founders to safety in motorsport. Pursuing the same goals works best cooperatively - we complement each other perfectly. We are therefore very pleased to be able to communicate these goals together to the target groups in the future and thus make track days safer step by step," concludes Stuart Robertson, FIA Head of Circuit and Rally Safety.

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