We actively support sustainability and safety on and off the track.

Safety and performance are inseparable factors for success in motorsports. The knowledge of driving and technical limits, the exact assessment of the track and of course the opposing vehicles is not only decisive for victory and defeat, but also for reaching the finish line in one piece. This insight has led to a clear commitment on our part: It is our responsibility to make not only motorsport but also the roads safer by offering appropriate services.

3,500 daily fatal accidents

Every day, more than 3,500 people worldwide die in road accidents - drivers and passengers, but also uninvolved pedestrians, cyclists and other road users. In Europe, around one in three traffic fatalities is the result of speeders or, in official language, "due to inappropriate speed."

As a platform for the marketing and booking of race tracks and track days, our focus is on people who drive high-performance vehicles at a correspondingly fast and sporty pace. Speeders and car posers, on the other hand, have no place with us. Those who are looking for the appropriate offers on our Trackday Marketplace want to improve their skills on closed-off and safe race tracks and compete with like-minded people under guidance in a controlled and controllable environment.

We see it as our task and responsibility to offer easy-to-book and, above all, safe opportunities for motorsport enthusiasts to pursue their passion without endangering other people or themselves in public traffic. Thus we pay attention with all offers within our Trackday-Marketplace not only to highest professionalism and an extensive safety concept, but above all to the fact that by the pictorial representation or by the offer description no incentives for speeding in the traffic are created.

We are convinced that the safer sporty drivers learn to assess their own performance and that of their vehicles on closed-off routes, the less likely they are to overestimate themselves or the respective situation in road traffic.

We take the same responsibility as we do for safety when it comes to sustainable climate protection. For most motorsport enthusiasts, their passion is still inextricably linked to the production of climate-damaging nitrogen oxides. We automatically integrate the option to compensate the expected carbon emissions via partner programs when a track day booking is made via our platform. Anyone who wants to do without this must actively deselect this compensation.