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Who are the people behind

Sebastian Herke, Founder of the German company HTA Circuit Booking GmbH as the Managing Director and Carsten Tilke (Managing Partner of Tilke GmbH & Co. KG).


What do I do if I did not receive a confirmation email after the registration?

If you have not received a confirmation email, try to register again here. You should normally receive your confirmation within 24 hours. Note: The confirmation email will be sent to the email address you enter during the registration process.

If you do not receive an email within 24 hours, please contact us.

Trackday Organizer

Can I manage, how many bookings I want to sell through the Trackday Marketplace?

Yes, you can manage the number of bookable slots for each trackday that you offer on our Trackday Marketplace. The number of bookable slots can be edited in your login section at any time. You can increase or decrease the number of bookable slots as you like.

What are “bookable slots”?

“Bookable slots” define the number of bookings you are willing to sell through the Trackday Marketplace. As soon as you offer a certain number of bookable slots via the Trackday Marketplace, you have to ensure that these slots are not offered through other channels in the meantime. We recommend that you block the amount of offered slots internally in the system that you use to handle your bookings.

Will I be informed when a booking is done?

Yes, you will receive a booking confirmation email for each booking that is been done through the marketplace. The confirmation email contains all relevant information for you that you need to find the booking in your login section.

Does the participant book or reserve a place in our trackday via the Trackday Marketplace?

Any booking via the Trackday Marketplace is a binding booking once the client has completed the booking and payment process. We strongly recommend to cross-check the availability of available places in your trackday with the bookable slots that you still offer on the Trackday Marketplace.

What happens if no bookable slots are available on the Trackday Marketplace anymore?

Your trackday offer remains visible on the Trackday Marketplace but customers cannot book any slots anymore until you offer new slots for the corresponding trackday offer.

Will I be informed if no slots are bookable anymore?

Yes, our platform will inform you by email once no bookable slots are available anymore. You can log in to your account, select the corresponding trackday and increase the number of bookable slots, if you want.

How do you ensure that the participants expect our Terms & Conditions?

The customers that book via the Trackday Marketplace have to accept your terms & conditions during the booking process. Our own terms & conditions only handle the general use of the Trackday Marketplace but do not have any impact on your own terms & conditions. We do not overrule any of your own terms & conditions, so you have 100% control about your event.

I must cancel a trackday – how do I cancel bookings via the Trackday Marketplace?

The easiest way is to cancel the corresponding trackday event thought our backend because all participants will automatically receive a cancellation notification through us.

What happens if a participant who booked via the Trackday Marketplace wants to cancel the booking?

There are two ways such booking can be cancelled.

  1. A participant can cancel the booking through the login section of the participant’s profile on our page. If a cancellation is done, you will receive a cancellation notification to handle any pot. refunds of the booking fee directly with the participant.
  2. You can cancel a participant’s booking through the login section of your profile on our page. If a cancellation is done, you will receive a cancellation notification to handle any pot. refunds of the booking fee directly with the participant.

In any of the two cases, the participant will also receive a notification email about the cancellation.

How will I get the payment of the client?

The payment for the trackday booking less the platform fee is transferred directly into your own account by the payment provider Stripe. Circuit Booking does not have access to the payment at all but Stripe secures your funds in your own account.

What kind of payment account do I need?

You have to register a company account with the renowned payment provider Stripe. Stripe is a similar provider than PayPal and works in the same way: The trackday fee is directly transferred into your Stripe account and you can transfer the funds from your Stripe account directly to your bank account.

What are the costs for the use of the Trackday Marketplace?

The registration as a trackday organizer on our platform is free of charge. The Trackday Marketplace is a transaction-based platform and you will be charged a platform fee if a trackday booking is done on our platform by a participant. The platform fee is shown in the login section when offering a trackday on our platform.

Do I have to pay any fees for the client’s credit card payment?

No, the fees are covered by us and no separate costs aside of the regular platform fee applies.

How do I (partially) refund customers in case I had to, or they had to cancel the participation in a trackday?

You can do the (partial) refund in two ways:

  1. Use the Stripe functions by logging into your own Stripe account, search for the corresponding booking(s) and use Stripe’s own refund function. This refund function allows you to refund the client fully or partially for their booking. Stripe will automatically do the refund to the client’s payment method (i.e. refund on credit card or bank account).
  2. You can ask the customer directly for their bank account details and wire the amount due back into their bank account.

Will I get a refund of my platform fees in case a booking via the Trackday Marketplace had to be cancelled?

No, any platform fees for a cancelled booking cannot be refunded.

Do I get an invoice for the platform fees that applied for bookings done via the Trackday Marketplace?

Yes, you will receive a formal invoice at the beginning of a month for all trackday bookings that were done on our platform during the previous month.

We are already using a third-party booking system for our trackday management. Is there a way to connect this software directly with the Trackday Marketplace?

We can offer you access via our Trackday API. Please contact us via to discuss the technical details and to request an API documentation.