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Frequently asked questions

These are some of the most common questions about circuit-booking.com.

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  • General

    Why are there two companies with different legal entities listed under "Contact"?

    For legal and technical reasons, the US business of circuit-booking.com is handled by its wholly-owned subsidiary HTA Circuit Booking Inc. If at least one of the two transacting parties (customer/circuit) is domiciled in the USA or Canada, HTA Circuit Booking Inc. becomes the legal broker.

    Who are the people behind circuit-booking.com?

    Sebastian Herke, Founder of the German company HTA Circuit Booking GmbH as the Managing Director, Chris Wakula as the General Manager for the North American market and Hermann Tilke (Tilke GmbH & Co. KG) as associate.

    What is the difference between a "Partner Circuit" and a regular circuit?

    Partner circuits can be booked online, as they make full use of the calendar management software offered free-of-charge by circuit-booking.com. All other circuits restrict the use of their data, which means that circuit-booking.com's Booking Center processes booking enquiries manually.

    How does circuit-booking.com finance itself if the use is free of charge?

    The partner circuits of circuit-booking.com pay a commission on realized reservations. The price shown is the original price for the circuit, there are no surcharges.

    How many circuits does circuit-booking.com search?

    Our database contains nearly every circuit in the world and we try to show as many results as possible. However, if a circuit is not available during your requested time frame, it will not be listed in your results.

    There are too many search results; how do I make the list smaller?

    After you have entered a Quick Search into the form and we have shown you a list of results, you can click to change any of the "filters" on the left part of the screen. These filters allow you to control the list you see by tuning different sections.

    Why do I not see a calendar with the circuit's availability at some circuits?

    The availability calendar for a circuit is visible only if the circuit has authorized circuit-booking.com to show it. You can of course also book those circuits for which no reservation calendar is visible. In this case, our Booking Center will handle this for you free of charge.

    What are the Terms & Conditions?

    Our Terms & Conditions can be found by following this link.

  • Registration

    What do I do if I did not receive a confirmation email after the registration?

    If you have not received a confirmation email, try to register again here. You should normally receive your confirmation within 24 hours. Note: The confirmation email will be sent to the email address you enter during the registration process.

    If you do not receive an email within 24 hours, please contact us.

    I have lost my password. What do I do?

    During login, simply click on "Forgotten your password?", enter the email address you gave when you registered and you will receive your password by email.

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  • Personal Data

    My personal data have been changed. What do I have to do?

    You can easily update your personal data such as address, telephone number after login by clicking on Profile in your personal menu. Please note that once your personal data have been altered, your account will have to be reactivated. You will then automatically be sent a validation code for re-activating your account.

    Why do I have to enter a VAT-ID to be able to book a circuit?

    circuit-booking.com is available solely to traders. One of the ways we guarantee for all circuits that no fake bookings are made or other fraudulent acts are committed is by automatically checking the validity of your VAT-ID.

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  • Booking

    Can I be sure that the circuit will receive my booking request?

    Yes. The entire process is automatically and recorded in the booking system by circuit-booking.com. Your booking is handled based on detailed processes that have been contractually specified with the circuits. Should a misunderstanding or disagreement with a circuit nevertheless occur, just give us a call and we will clear it up for you immediately.

    All telephone numbers of our international offices can be found on the circuit-booking.com homepage under: Contact.

    Does a date refer to the time zone of the client or the circuit?

    Booking data and timings always refer to the local time at the circuit. If a German books a circuit in Queensland on the 12th or 13th of the month, the booking is for the 12th of the month in Queensland and not in Berlin.

    Why are the GTCs of circuit-booking.com amended by the GTCs of a circuit that has been booked?

    Each circuit is governed by different terms of use that must be observed for various reasons. These terms of use define, for example, the maximum noise level at which you are allowed to drive a particular number of vehicles. Because these specific terms of use cannot be standardized across the world, the GTC of circuit-booking.com are always supplemented by the GTC of the circuit being booked.

    I would like to book more additional services but cannot find them in the system? What Do I have to do?

    To make the booking process swift and simple, circuit-booking.com deliberately offers only a basic range of services. Even in the Internet age, there is no substitute for the personal contact that an event organizer must have with the circuit to stage an event. We therefore recommend, as before, that special services are discussed and clarified with the circuit itself.

    I did a reservation for a circuit but the circuit operator could not see my details when I contacted him prior to the binding booking.

    For processing reasons, the booking details are not transmitted to the circuit operator until a binding booking has been confirmed.

    Why is it not possible to book all circuits directly online?

    Circuits that do not publish their calendar are contacted on behalf of the customer by circuit-booking.com's Booking Center based on your booking parameters. As usual, however, you will receive the circuit's offer by email and a copy will go to your Inbox in the login area.

  • Circuit Sharing

    What is Circuit Sharing?

    Circuit Sharing is a communication platform for motorsport teams, track-day organizers or anyone who wants to go on a race track, either for testing, filming or for an incentive event. By finding others with the same interest, costs for booking a circuit can be shared between all parties.

    What is a Circuit Sharing "request"?

    "Request" means that someone would like to go to a specific circuit but does not have booked the track or does not want to be the organizer of such an event. Typically "requesting" clients simply want to participate with a few cars in someone else's on-track event.

    What is a Circuit Sharing "offer"?

    "Offer" means that someone organizes or plans to organize an on-track event and welcomes others to join them. Typically "offering" clients have some capacity for additional cars/bikes left over to be used by other clients.

    Does it cost any money to place an "offer" or "request"?

    No, the use of our Circuit Sharing service is completely free of charge so no fee applies to place an "offer" or "request".

    Do I need to have already booked a circuit to place an "offer" or "request"?

    No, you do not have to have a circuit booked yet. You can also place an offer to see if there will be enough interest to rent a circuit exclusively before making a booking. Nevertheless, you always have to bear in mind that a circuit may not be available during your preferred time frame.

    Who can place an "offer" or "request"?

    Every customer or circuit operator who is registered on circuit-booking.com can place an "offer" or "request" but these users have to be a corporate entity according to our Terms & Conditions. You are not registered? Than register for free under the following link.

    Will my contact details be visible to any user of circuit-booking.com?

    No, only fully registered users can see your first and surname and the company, you are working for. You will receive contact requests by email through an integrated mailing system that does not show your personal email address at all.

    Are there any binding commitments once I have placed an "offer" or "request"?

    No, the placement of an "offer" or "request" is just meant to inform others about your plans. Any further details about a participation in an on-track event have to be organized individually by email outside the circuit-booking.com platform.

    Are there any binding commitments once I have expressed my interest in an "offer" or "request"?

    No, the other party will just be informed by email about your interest. Any further details about a participation in an on-track event have to be organized individually by email outside the circuit-booking.com platform.

  • Fees & Invoicing

    Are the shown prices guaranteed for the corresponding booking?

    Yes. Every rental price you see for the circuit you have chosen is also guaranteed for your booking. This price is stated in the conversion currency specified by the circuit, i.e. in the currency in which you will ultimately pay for your booking. This can differ from the currency that you have selected for the display in the circuit list.

    If you book a long event, different prices may apply on different days. These weekend-, season- and special-offer-prices, for example, are automatically considered to your benefit. In this case, the pricelist will show the average price for the day.

    Why is it not possible to pay with credit card?

    circuit-booking.com is set-up as a pure B2B platform and is therefore not available to private customer. Because in many large companies, employees have no access to company credit cards, we decided to go for process-compliant payment on account. In many cases, the booking amount would anyway exceed standard credit card limits.

    When and how do I have to pay the rental fee for a booking?

    Generally speaking, payment for the circuit booking is always on invoice and prepayment in accordance with the terms of payment applicable for the circuit concerned. You will receive the invoice by email and a copy, including the payment date, can also be found under "Invoices" in the login area.

  • Technical Details

    What are "Cookies"?

    Our website uses cookies for a number of reasons. These cookies enable us to offer you an improved Internet experience by being better able to understand which content is of interest to our users. These cookies do not track personal data. We also use cookies during your registration within our bookings. In this case, the cookie stores useful information which our website detects as soon as you visit it again. The cookies on our website can be read only by our website. If you deactivate cookies in your web browser, you will still have access to most of our websites.

  • Data Protection

    What happens to my personal data?

    Please see our data protection guidelines.

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