is more than just a booking platform and search engine for customers who are planning to book a circuit for any kind of track activities. It also provides a very powerful Calendar Management System to be used mainly by circuit operators free of charge.

Nevertheless, this system can also be used by major car manufacturers and event agencies for an inter-company-exchange of booked track days between different departments, being responsible for i.e. motor sport, driving incentives and car launches. provides the following advantages for the key players in the market:


  • Use of a professional calendar management system.
  • Automated reservation handling.
  • Flexible pricing /sales models available.
  • Increase of the utilization rate due to 24/7 online bookable dates.
  • Better payment practices due to enhanced booking processes.
  • No financial risk, only a brokering fee applies if a deal was closed through the platform


  • Companies can quickly react to customer requests by checking available dates and prices online.
  • Centralized handling of bookings simplifies the purchase process of big companies and agencies.
  • Inter-company sharing of booked dates possible due to integrated calendar management system.
  • A "Search Agent" automatically books preferred dates at a circuit.
    Reduced risk to pay cancellation fees due to reselling possibilities.

The management team and the associates of are not only well connected to circuits and motor sport teams in Europe, Asia, Russia and USA but also to purchasing departments of major car manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi or Porsche and leading event agencies. will use this strong network and the computer science background of its Founder and Managing Director Sebastian Herke to become the leading online platform for renting a circuit through the internet and to create a win-win-situation for both, customers and circuit owners.