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Chengdu Goldenport Circuit

Not to be confused with the Goldenport Park Circuit in Peking, the Chengdu circuit is located in the central southern part of China. As a permanent racetrack, it has served in recent years as a venue for Asian touring car championships and Asian Formula V6 races. Some races in the A1 GP series were also held here until 2009.

The circuit features a range of rises and dips, and is regarded as a real test of driving ability. Some European commentators have compared it with the circuits at Estoril or Jarama, near Madrid. As well as a number of fast corners, the circuit also has an extremely long straight.

Circuit Variants of Chengdu Goldenport Circuit

Full Circuit

  • Type: Race Track
  • FIA-Grade: 2
  • Vehicles allowed: Formula Car, Sports Car, Motobike, Race Truck, Road Car
  • Length: 336 m
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