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Arctic Circle Raceway

The Arctic Circle Raceway is the world’s most northerly raceway, and fully deserves its name through being situated just 30 kilometers south of the Polar Circle. Thus, in summer it is possible to complete a full 24-hour race solely in daylight. The circuit was built near Storforshei in Norway’s Nordland province in 1995. The heart of this ultra-modern motorsport complex is its circuit, which is, at 3.8 kilometers, Norway’s longest. It conforms to all modern safety standards, and the complex includes a kart circuit and an off-road track.

Between 1999 and 2004 the Arctic Circle Raceway regularly hosted rounds of the Swedish Touring Car Championship (STCC), although it is currently used mainly for club and driver training purposes.

Circuit Variants of Arctic Circle Raceway

Full Circuit

  • Type: Race Track
  • FIA-Grade:
  • Vehicles allowed: Formula Car, Sports Car, Motobike, Road Car
  • Length: 3,753 m
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