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Adria International Raceway

The circuit close to Venice was opened in 2002, making it one of the newest permanent racetracks in Europe. Despite being relatively short, the circuit is still varied and captivating, thanks to its modern layout and the futuristic appearance of its pit lane.

The circuit can be driven in three different variants, thus making it suitable for a wide range of racing series. Several racing lines can be taken in the long turns, giving the races an extra cutting edge. The biggest events held so far at the Adria International Raceway include DTM races, Italian Formula 3 and the FIA GT Championship.

Circuit Variants of Adria International Raceway

Full Circuit

  • Type: Race Track
  • FIA-Grade: 2
  • Vehicles allowed: Formula Car, Sports Car, Motobike, Race Truck, Road Car
  • Length: 2,702 m
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