Are you still managing your available dates with paper or Excel spread sheets?

Are you regularly calling potential customers who forgot about their reservation? Did you experience double-bookings of dates because someone was working from an offline file or was selling dates at the phone without updating the calendar straight away?

Then it is time for you to use our very power "Circuit Administration System" to manage and support the entire booking and sales process as well as waiting lists/reservations for all dates.

It is as simple as this:

A real-time Booking Calendar can be accessed internally from everyone you who is authorized to see your bookings. You can manually add, edit or delete bookings that you sold outside of at any time.

If your circuit can be split into multiple configurations which can be used parallel to each other, our system will manage the interdependency of these circuit configurations automatically.

You are just allowed to run cars with a maximum noise level of 98db(A)?
You do not want a race truck to ruin your new asphalt? You want to invoice our customers in Swedish Crowns instead of Euros?

Simply define your Circuit Data Settings to specify your target group and your needs. Furthermore our clients can better find your circuit in our search function due to additional parameters such as FIA Grades, track length or nearest airports.

You are selling more than just the track rental itself?
Safety Packages that can vary based on the number of cars or event type? Your customers are normally booking Additional Services such as pit garages or meeting rooms?

No problem for us! Of course you can sell these services during the booking process, too.

Last but not least, you can benefit from the automatic Accounting Services that we offer for all Official Partner Circuits. But do not be afraid, in this case we are still "old-fashioned": For security reasons we are not using online / credit card payments but are simply doing the paperwork on your behalf.

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